SecTheory Executive Management

James Flom (CEO, Founder): Mr. Flom has been working in the computer industry for the past eighteen years and has spent the last fourteen heavily involved in computer and network security. As lead operations engineer of Pilot Network Services' security department he researched network and computer threats on a daily basis protecting some of the largest companies and organizations in the world. He designed and implemented what was believed to be at the time, the largest network intrusion detection system in the world, protecting over half a million computers.

Mr. Flom later joined Digital Island (acquired by Cable & Wireless and merged with Exodus), where he created new product offerings for the Security Operations Center he was brought on to build. After the merger with Exodus James joined the Cyber Attack Tiger Team and assisted with the detection and recovery of several global network security compromises. Mr. Flom later became the director of consulting services for Kliosystems before co-founding SecTheory. He is a member of IACSP.